What We Do

Every Canadian
deserves coverage

We’re going to give 
it to them

Our country is immense. That’s part of its rugged beauty. But it’s also what makes connectivity such a challenge.

of the Canadian territory still lacks mobile cellular service*
people experience coverage gaps on a regular basis*.​

We’re working closely with mobile network operators (MNOs) to fill service gaps and eliminate cellular dead zones in rural and remote regions by providing a vital spectrum, a fully operational satellite, and a cutting-edge open-network satellite architecture. The goal: to deliver seamless, reliable connectivity throughout this vast country of ours.

What’s more, our innovative direct-to-mobile satellite services are powered by the latest technology and 3GPP NTN standards, coupled with our premium S-Band spectrum, enabling MNOs to offer satellite services to their users without compromising their own spectrum capacity.

To help bring our vision of total connectivity to life, we’ve acquired a wealth of assets, including:

  • A geostationary satellite asset (Echostar T1)
  • Canadian satellite ground network infrastructure
  • 3GPP NTN Standards infrastructure
  • Canadian mobile satellite licences in the 2 GHz frequency band

How it works

Our operations are based an open-network architecture platform in alignment with international 3GPP NTN standards. As a result, we’re uniquely positioned to establish a vital and seamless connection between the cellular networks of MNOs and our geostationary satellite, ensuring reliable, ubiquitous coverage for all Canadians.

    The dawn of a new era

    As part of our continuous commitment to bridging coverage gaps in rural and remote areas, we're revolutionizing the telecommunications industry. By developing seamless direct-to-mobile satellite communications and expediting the advancement of the Internet of Things.

    Our ultimate goal: to keep people and businesses connected and productive so they can move safely and freely, no matter where they might be.

    *Internal analysis based on official government sources.