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Connecting everyone
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Who we are

The future of telecom starts here

At Terrestar Solutions, we’re working tirelessly to bridge the coverage gap in Canada and make cross-country connectivity a reality once and for all.

Our services

Coming to a device near you…

We’re harnessing revolutionary new technologies to enable seamless direct-to-mobile satellite services for everyday devices and the IoT, delivering connectivity to rural and remote regions.


Our direct-to-mobile satellite services represent a major advancement for MNOs and a vital service for all Canadians. And, thanks to our mobile app, users will enjoy seamless connectivity directly on their everyday devices, featuring SMS, chat, voice and email capabilities.


Together with leading MNOs, we’re tackling the Canadian coverage gap by delivering continuous IoT communications for fixed and mobile devices everywhere, empowering users and businesses like never before.

Harnessing the power of partnership

Discover our thriving ecosystem of partners, including MNOs, suppliers, manufacturers and IoT service providers–each one committed to our shared goal of ubiquitous coverage.

For people who are going places...

where no one’s gone before.

At Terrestar, we’re always looking for fresh talent that’s driven by a spirit of innovation and ready to chart the future of telecommunications.

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