When it comes to being direct,
nothing stands in our way

We’re leveraging our geostationary satellite, ground infrastructure, spectrum licences and an open-network architecture, based on 3GPP NTN standards, to deliver ubiquitous, direct-to-mobile satellite services. As a result, users can connect using their smartphones* to enjoy SMS, chat, voice and email, no matter where they are in Canada.

At the same time, we’re working around the clock to deliver direct-to-satellite services that seamlessly connect IoT-enabled devices, even in Canada’s most remote regions.

Furthermore, our direct-to-mobile satellite services offer a wealth of advantages for mobile network operators (MNOs), including:

  • Cost-effective solutions

    that eliminate massive infrastructure investments, ensuring a low cost of entry for partners.

  • Promising revenue-growth opportunities

    through our seamless integration.

  • Enhanced customer experience

    backed by app development and support.

  • Comprehensive regulatory compliance

    to ensure peace of mind.

We also support a fully managed network-extension offer that features a range of communications services, including:
  • Network functions and Interconnectivity
  • Over-the-top services optimized for satellite
  • Smartphone and device-certification services
  • IoT data collection and processing service
  • Carrier-grade satellite network-operation services
  • 24/7 service monitoring
Coming to a device near you

Our country faces a serious and pressing challenge.

75% of the Canadian territory still lacks mobile cellular service*

+12M people experience coverage gaps on a regular basis.*

Terrestar is solving that problem once and for all by offering a range of direct-to-mobile satellite services—featuring SMS, chat, voice and email capabilities—thereby bridging coverage gaps in rural and remote areas across our country.

That means Canadians can stay connected to everything everywhere, no matter where they are.

With the integration of a 3GPP NTN spectrum and an open-network architecture, mobile network operators (MNOs) are empowered to provide satellite services without jeopardizing their own spectrum capacity–a major victory for the industry.

Our app puts the world at your fingertips

With our direct satellite-to-mobile app, people all across Canada will soon experience uninterrupted connectivity, thanks to a seamless link between their everyday devices and our satellite. This innovative solution features a comprehensive suite of services, including SMS, chat, voice, and email.

What’s more, our open architecture guarantees that MNOs can tailor the app to elevate user experience and maintain brand integrity while meeting the unique needs of their customers.

Canadians can enjoy peace of mind and freedom of movement at last!

When we say direct to device,
we mean every device in the country

Working closely with leading mobile network operators (MNOs), we’re tackling the Canadian coverage gap, delivering continuous IoT communications for fixed and mobile devices everywhere, even in rural and remote areas.

We’re also accelerating the digitalization of businesses in an increasingly connected world by ensuring ubiquitous coverage that extends our reach into vital sectors like:




Environmental & Utilities


Asset tracking

Connected cars

First responders

Thanks to seamless hybrid connectivity, businesses can tap into the benefits of IoT solutions both within and outside traditional coverage areas, gaining operational efficiency and accessing meaningful insights, thereby improving safety, efficiency and productivity for all.

Stay tuned for more as Terrestar continues to shape the future of telecommunications, ensuring connectivity where it's needed most.

*Internal analysis based on official government sources. Smartphones and IoT devices must meet 3GPP standards and be NTN satellite-network compliant.